Our Team

Kristie Stogner

Director of OperationsOwner

Brianna Cole

Director of All-Star / Prep ProgramingOwner

Belinda Green

All-Star Coach

Theresa Cole

Cheer Abilities Head Coach

Tambre Anderson

All-Star & Tumble Coach

Kristan Young

All-Star & Tumble Coach

Mallory Powers

Tiny & All-Star Coach

Jenny Leihr

All-Star Coach/Specialty Classes

Corie Morales

All-Star & Tumble Coach

Miranda Hewitt

Tumble Manager & All-Star, Tiny Novice Coach

Alyssa Felicia

Client Relations Lead, Social Media & All-Star Coach

Kat Timothy

All-Star & Tumble Coach

Zalie Webster

All-Star & Tumble Coach

Hannah Serduik

All-Star & Specialty Coach

Alexis Gardner

All-Star & Tumble Coach

Shelby McHugh

All-Star Coach / Specialty Classes

Michala Szatkowski

Tumble & Specialty Coach

Ainsley Turner

Tiny Novice / Specialty Classes

Neeve Whalen

Tumble / Specialty Classes

ChiChi Awanna

Stunt Specialist, Prep & Novice Coach

Kaila Yount

Tumble & Cheer Abilities Coach